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Oguike has the most eclectic and inquisitive musicality

of any choreographer I can think of in the UK

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V4: The Seasons

V4 Totem final

Set to the highly popular Four Seasons, Vivaldi's best-known work and among the most popular pieces of Baroque music. The texture of each concerto and of the associated dance sections are varied, each a reaction its respective season.

This new work, performed by six highly versatile and uniquely individual dancers, was created in collaboration with the Orchestra of the Age of Enlightenment (OAE) and offers a fresh, highly entertaining finale to the programme. 

This work will be performed in some venues with the live presence of musicians which will include interactions between dancers and musicians on stage together.

V4 was premiered at London’s Queen Elizabeth Hall, February 8th, 2013, and was made possible with support from Arts Council of England and OAE.

Choreography: Henri Oguike

Lighting: Ben Payne

Costumes: HODC 

Dancers: The company

Timing: approx 45 mins

The company thanks Kati Debretzeni, leader of OAE, and the musicians of OAE for inspiring this project. With special thanks to Stephen Carpenter and Ceri Jones.

Stabat Mater


Choreography: Henri Oguike (2013) 

Lighting: Ben Payne 

Dancers: Noora Keela & Teerachai Thobumrung

Running time: approx 12 mins

This new duet is a short and portable piece, exploring light sound and movement. It is a study of expressions and gestures. Influenced by the work of sculptor Henry Moore and psychologist Paul Eckman. The two dancers morph and re-mould their sinewy bodies, resisting, yielding and being pushed along by the emotionally driven Stabat Mater (Vivaldi) in a recorded performance with the voice of Michael Chance (counter tenor).



White Space

Choreography: Henri Oguike (2004)

Music: Domenico Scarlatti

Lighting: Guy Hoare, revised by Ben Payne

Costume: Elizabeth Baker King

Dancers: The company

Running time: approx 25 mins 

"... the latter-day-baroque fantasy White Space, which takes a bewildering range of ingredients – from live Scarlatti to an ever-shifting Mondrian backdrop – and moulds them into bizarre but beautiful geometry. As the girls strut about like improbably sexy pea-hens, at once courtly and coquettish, you get the strong sense that Scarlatti himself would have been thrilled to see his music adapted with such lateral thinking – praise indeed.

Daily Telegraph 25 Mar 2009

Set to Scarlatti's bubbling keyboard works, White Space is an imagined royal court whose inhabitants, six dancers, engage in flourishing gestures and sneaky oneupmanship, blending clean modernist lines, with an archaic theatricality, courtly posturing sexed up with the ultra-cool groves of modern seduction.


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