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Oguike has the most eclectic and inquisitive musicality

of any choreographer I can think of in the UK

Arts Desk

Commissioned by: Rambert Dance Company

Photography: Chris Nash

"Set to an orchestrated version of Schubert's Death and the Maiden quartet, this is a collective dream of a dance. On a shadowy stage, dramatically shuttered with light, its 10 dancers are lulled into sleep, where they are visited by lovers, demons, sirens and beasts. There is no through-narrative, but the exhilarating rushes of movement, driven by Schubert's relentless pulse and given a muscular heft by Oguike's African-inflected language, create a bewitching, teeming drama of their own. Oguike magnificently justifies his first Rambert commission."

Judith Mackrell The Guardian 04/11/2009


You unconsciously breathe more deeply, you smile with sense of well-being, when a line of Oguike dancers drive over the stage defiantly smacking their bare feet on the ground, or throw clenched fists exultantly over their heads.

The Arts Desk

Everything is fantastically fast, tight-sprung and emphatically muscular - you begin to see why Oguike's dancers look sturdy.

Independent on Sunday

The action is also dense with human drive and desire.

The Guardian

Oguike seems to have stripped the Vivaldi of its entire original “programme” and re-examined it as pure music. In other words, the swings between hot and cold in V4: The Seasons are at least as emotional as they are meteorological.