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Oguike has the most eclectic and inquisitive musicality

of any choreographer I can think of in the UK

Arts Desk

Set to Scarlatti's bubbling keyboard works, White Space is an imagined royal court whose inhabitants, six dancers, engage in flourishing gestures and sneaky oneupmanship, blending clean modernist lines, with an archaic theatricality, courtly posturing sexed up with the ultra-cool groves of modern seduction.Music: Domenico Scarlatti

"... the latter-day-baroque fantasy White Space, which takes a bewildering range of ingredients – from live Scarlatti to an ever-shifting Mondrian backdrop – and moulds them into bizarre but beautiful geometry. As the girls strut about like improbably sexy pea-hens, at once courtly and coquettish, you get the strong sense that Scarlatti himself would have been thrilled to see his music adapted with such lateral thinking – praise indeed.

Daily Telegraph 25 Mar 2009











You unconsciously breathe more deeply, you smile with sense of well-being, when a line of Oguike dancers drive over the stage defiantly smacking their bare feet on the ground, or throw clenched fists exultantly over their heads.

The Arts Desk

Everything is fantastically fast, tight-sprung and emphatically muscular - you begin to see why Oguike's dancers look sturdy.

Independent on Sunday

The action is also dense with human drive and desire.

The Guardian

Oguike seems to have stripped the Vivaldi of its entire original “programme” and re-examined it as pure music. In other words, the swings between hot and cold in V4: The Seasons are at least as emotional as they are meteorological.